I am drawn to the qualities in my work that inspire my life. I like my work to exude strength in composition, color and texture. I employ bold brush strokes and will define objects with line to give them power. My compositions are straight forward, my color is brilliant and the line is strong. I enjoy the freedom of subject matter my philosophy allows. I love the unexpected. As many different subjects as I choose to paint, there is always the boldness, the honesty and the surprise that connects my work, my spirit. Life is full of wonder and surprise, I am an eternal optimist. I try to convey that energy in every painting I create. I feel as though I will explode with exuberance at times and I want others to feel that too, through my work.


Shows and events

Celebration of Fine Art, Scottsdale, Arizona January 15 through March 28, 2011

Beaver Creek, Colorado, July 2010

Aspen Colorado, July 2010

Edwards Colorado, July 2010

Celebration of Fine Art (Scottsdale, AZ) January 16, 2010 through March 28, 2010

Dog Days of Summer (Wilde Meyer Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ) August 2009

 Seventh Sizzling Summer Celebration (Jane Hamilton Fine Art, Tucson, AZ), March 2009

Celebration of Fine Art (Scottsdale, AZ) Jan. thru March 2009

 Miniature show (Wildemeyer Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ) Nov. 2008

 Desert Dance (Jane Hamilton Fine Art, Tucson, AZ) Oct.

Celebration of Fine Art (Scottsdale, AZ) January 12 through March 23rd, 2008

Hope, Pacc 911 (Scottsdale, AZ) January 2008

 Uniting Artist (Scottsdale Center for the Arts) May 2007

 Pintura Fine Arts (Troon, AZ) April 2007

Celebration of Fine Arts (Scottsdale, AZ) January 13, through March 15, 2007

 Tucson Symphony for the Arts, January, 2006

Parade of Painted Furniture, (Tucson, AZ) December 2nd, 2006

 Arizona Round Up (Jane Hamilton Fine Art, Tucson) 2005

 New Beginnings (Tucson, AZ) January 21st through February 5th, 2004

 Summerlands (Tucson, AZ) June 28th through July 10th, 2004

Jane Hamilton Fine Art, Tucson, AZ